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Come Home to Yourself

Let go ...of your stress and anxiety into the hands of presence, soft, sensitive, powerful, and wise.

Feel ...movement and touch that soothes, relaxes, releases any tension and expands your possibilities, and re-ignite an inner light.

Discover daily life is immeasurably enhanced by regular experiences of exquisite re-connection to the self.


  • soften muscle tension

  • calm the nervous system

  • smooth connective tissue

  • harmonize body energy

  • enhance tissue vitality

  • improve immune function


----Each session varies depending on your needs. -Esalen® Massage

-Therapeutic Deep body work


“The Esalen Massage is best described as the interface and integration of form, energy, structure, and soul. With the whole body, an Esalen® Massage provides a state of deep relaxation and healing.”


Therapeutic Deep bodywork®

“This method combines the integrating qualities of a flowing Esalen® Massage with the therapeutic effectiveness of deep tissue work. Using deep tissue methods, massage practitioners can enter the body’s deeper soft tissue layers, freeing previously dense, hardened areas, which may have become chronically painful due to the lack of fluid exchange and energy flow.”



“Shiatsu massage therapy relies on the use of fingers, thumbs and palm pressure to various areas of the body’s surface to help heal common aliments and conditions, and correct imbalances in the body.”


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