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About Shinobu

Jozen translated expresses the highest form of zen. It is soothing like water, always adapting and healing. Jozen is inspired by our deep passion for the healing art of massage since 2006.


My journey began in Tokyo, Japan, a similar metropolis to Los Angeles in need of peaceful sanctuary. The foundation for my practice stems from Shintoism, an indigenous practice rooted in the wonder and essence of the natural elements of the land of Japan. It pre-dates the arrival of Buddhism and Zen. This also includes Japanese Shiatsu. My modern day approach uses both eastern and western techniques. I am also inspired by the Esalen® philosophy, which has us connect with my clients in a full-hearted and completely present manner. My goal with my clients is to transform your tension and stress into relief and relaxation through a personalized experience. In eastern medicine a practitioner must adapt all techniques to a personal approach for each client.


I have had vast experience working in high-end spas, and providing services to individuals of all socioeconomic backgrounds. In addition to my many years of practice, I am continually updating my knowledge and skill with advanced professional training.


 I look forward to your Jozen experience!

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